Hello Welcome to my Blog!

So to answer my most frequently asked question, yes all the photos posted on this site are my originals, I live in New York City East Village.

Most of these pictures were taken using a Canon 1D Mark IV and my iPhone as well mostly on Instagram (@allleft)

I carry my camera with me around 85% of the time, and I walk around the city looking for a great moment. About my New Yorkers Unposed photos 90% of the photos are candid photos I never ask anyone to pose for me. Occasionally people will see me and smile and/or start posing. Also I sometimes take photos of friends, family or rarely stop someone to take their photo but you will really see that the person is posing for me.

I walked around City about twice a week with no really a destination, I love to explore!

Thank you so much for visiting my site. The support so far from the tumblr community has been so encouraging.

Please feel free to ask my any questions, it’s a pleasure getting to share with you my life and experiences.

All my pictures are under full copyright. If you are interested in using or purchasing one of my photos please contact me.

My profile By organ McGinnis Here

Interviews HERE  and Here 

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AT Alwayz Therro Article

Thank You!

Alberto Reyes


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New Yorkers

All photos are taken by Ⓒ Alberto Reyes 2010-2014


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