putsomethinginaniggaaccount asked: AR, your photos are the reason why my biggest dream is to live in this city. I love your work. Keep it up!

Thank you very much!

I hope you can come live here soon…don’t give up!


couldyoujustrytolisten asked: Hello! I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on the city. I'm trying to convince my dad to take me and I would love your opinion! Please answer privately if you can :)


Hey there!

(Sorry I wanted to answer privately but this is a great question)


There is defiantly not a place like this in the world. This city is very unique with a very wonderful vibe. So many cultures coexist here all in harmony. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe in you will always be welcome and fit right in. I will dare to say that you will fall in love with New York and at the same time hate it… Totally normal!

NYC is really safe at anytime of the day. I wouldn’t say that nothing will ever happen to you, but it is unlikely. This city is just like any other city in the world and same as your city, there is good and bad. But overall is very safe. You can easily take the subway or walk around the city at anytime of the day and be safe.

Yes, if you go to a touristy area (Times Square,The highline, 5th Ave, etc ) in the city you will see a lot of people and can get overwhelming, specially if you are not used to it. But still really safe … it’s just crowded.

Have your dad look at my blogs allleft and newyorkersunposed and maybe he will feel better about coming here.

Expensive yes it is but totally worth it, just trust me :) but at the same time NYC can be cheap, it all depends on you and how much you want to spend.

NYC has everything you want & need and don’t want and don’t need. Find something that your dad likes such a broadway show, a museum, kind of food, etc. He will want to come try or see it. I recently took my dad to the intrepid museum because he always wanted to be in a submarine and see a space shuttle up close. My mom loves parks so I took her on a tour to Central Park and some of the community gardens around Alphabet city. I love surprises so NYC is prefect for it. Surprise your dad and you guys will have a lot of fun together.

Hope this helps


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New Yorkers

All photos are taken by Ⓒ Alberto Reyes 2010-2013


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