rebelli0us-mind said: Hi I always been a fan of nyc. It been a fantasy of mines. all these great quotes about the city. like the greatest city in the world etc. but once I start learning more about ny houses, I got disappointed. they're very expensive for small spaces. It seems like impossible to live there financially.everything is expensive. you have to have good money to have a nice apartment. I was wondering how do you make it in ny. and is it as bad as people make it to be or is it asgood as people make it to be



Yes very true tiny spaces for high prices. However It is not impossible to live in NYC, just takes a few changes in your life style. If you are used to living in a huge home where your bedroom is as big as my whole apartment, you will have a hard time adjusting but it is not impossible… takes some time to adjust to smaller places.

Also you might be used to going to a supermarket twice a month buying a lot of food and stuff for your home. Here you will have to make a grocery trip more often because there is no space to store stuff. And at the same time you will spend more for less groceries. 

it will be just smart living buy what you really need and have what you really need to have. On the other hand you will not need a car. 

Of course you need a lot of money to have a nice apartment in the city but also you need a lot of money to have a nice apartment in your city, i don’t care what city it is you need decent money to buy a nice place. it is equally the same thing. You need to adjusted to what you have. I am sure you can do better where you are living right now but you are adjusted to what you already have.

I will have to agree with all the quotes about NYC don’t be disappointed, money is not what makes NYC the greatest city in the world. it is what we as individuals make of it everyday. 

How do you make it?

The same way you are making it in your city. I promise you that!

Is it bad?

I don’t see how NY is bad at all. Never felt so safe and happy in a city.

Is it good?

as good as you wanted it to be

Any city can be good or bad anyone can feel sad or happy

NYC it is what you make of it, it is up to you to decide how do you what NYC to look like today. 

hope this helps



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