itzbetterleftunsaid said: I adore your photography! Last year I went on a school trip to NYC for four days; it rained almost the whole time I was there, we had to rush to get to the next place we were visiting so didn't really enjoy the sights and I was surrounded by annoying classmates, but still, those were the best four days of my life! Seeing your photos reminds me of how amazing New York is. I hope to move there some day and be able to see what you capture everyday with my own eyes :) Keep up the good work


Thank you very much for the great message, makes me really happy to know that you are enjoying my captures of this beautiful city.

Thank you again



strecher said: Hey, your work is awesome. What camera are you using?

Thank you very much!

Canon 1D Mark IV

but no need to have that camera, it is not the camera that makes a good photo. It would be you falling in love.



thenicestkidsingallifrey said: your photography is out of this world! i notice that your photos are primarily people, and i was wondering if youve ever had someone youve photographed give you "trouble" for the picture, and if so how have you handled it? thank you!

Hey Abbey!

Thank you very much. I really appreciate your message.

I have never had a problem at all. Most people are friendly… they either smile or ignore me. Some others don’t even notice me.


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New Yorkers

All photos are taken by Ⓒ Alberto Reyes 2010-2014


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