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Hi there!

My name’s Alisha Siraj, i’m 14 years old and I live in New Zealand.
I’m a big fan of your blog and I know you’re busy but if you could take the time to read this email it would be so amazing!
Firstly, I absolutely love your photography and your blog, I show my friends your pictures all the time and it’s even more special to me because I love New York so much!
For my Personal Project at school I am actually writing a small book about New York for people my age and its secret identity that makes it what it is today.
So I was wondering if by any chance you could reply saying what you love about New York and why it’s so special to you? (especially as a photographer), and if you’d give me permission to put your response in my little book?
Take your time, I know you’re really busy!
Alisha Siraj



Thank you so much! You made me really happy after I read this. I really appreciate your message very much. I really like your project and I would love to see it when you are done.

I hope it is not too late. I was really busy during NYFW. You asked me a really hard question mostly because it’s hard to explain with words.

What I love about NYC and why is it special?

The reason why I am saying is hard to explain for me, it is because I can tell you why easier with photos. But NYC has everything you need and don’t need everything you want and don’t want. I have been very lucky to visit several other cities around the world and I have never experienced neither felt the same way as I feel here in NY.

This city is very unique. It’s a passion something you slowly fall in love with and can’t get enough. The ugly becomes pretty the pretty becomes beautiful just like your perfect match. It’s a secret affair with city almost like having a relationship, you love it and you hate it and always wonder why you stick around. No other explanation but perfect chemistry making you feel amazing and proud.

Everything and everybody lives in perfect harmony the old with the new the poor with the rich. 

As a photographer:

I love the opportunities that brings me to capture beautiful moments. This city has a huge amount of places to explore hidden ones are the best. Hope this helps Thank you very much again!

Best AR

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